Oil paintings of famous Rock stars and celebrity artists oil paintings for sale, choose your rock star or celebrity oil painting link below to see vibrant oil paintings.  Custom oil paintings available.

Bob Dylan wall art oil paintings, 31"H x 23"W Bob Dylan oil painted artwork, fine art ready to ship to you.

Bob Marley oil painting for your wall art display, 31"H x 31"W,  Bob Marley oil painted artwork, fine art ready to ship to you.

David Bowie oil painting for your wall art display, 31"H x 31"W,  David Bowie oil painted artwork, fine art ready to ship to you.

Elvis Presley King of Rock & Roll oil painting, 23"H x 31"W  ready to be matted and framed for your decor.

Eric Clapton Original recreation oil painting on canvas, 31"H x 23"W, 100% hand painted using oil paint, canvas, and the artist's tools, view the oil painting and see the oil painting texture.

Jim Morrison painting, custom Jim Morrison oil paintings ready to ship, 31"H x 31"W, oil painting portraits on canvas with free shipping to the USA. Rock art oil painting.

Jimi Hendrix 31"H x 23"W oil artwork, hand painted, each Jimi Hendrix oil painting is unique, view the painting and see the thick texture applied, creating vibrant colors, Jimi Hendrix Rocks!

John Lennon 31"H x 23"W holding guitar and 31H x 31W close up, two unique John Lennon oil paintings for sale, buy fine art oil painting of John Lennon, free shipping to USA. Psychedelic artwork oil paintings, these oil painting are ready to be framed with your finishing touch.

Keith Richards 31"H x 23"W, fine art shipped to USA free, these Keith Richards oil paintings are on heavy canvas and unframed, view the Keith Richards oil painting and see the textures in each stroke.

Kurt Cobain iconic rock star oil painting, 23"H x 31"W , oil on canvas, unframed as frames are a personal choice, free shipping to USA.

Marilyn Monroe 31"H x 31"W oil on canvas wall art.

Tupac Shakur hand painted, full of vibrant oil colors, best oil painting prices for a 23"H x 31"W Tupac Shakur oil painting.

All inventory has been added to the site, check out
the Tupac Shakur oil painting, nice texture and detail in
all the oil painting for sale.

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