Dark Sea's Suspension 1000 Growing System
oysters in the tray
For years, frustration has mounted in the oyster farming industry. Frustration that has largely been due to a lack of innovation in the development of oyster culture technology and hence, less than maximum yields and profits from oyster crops.

Developed by oyster farmers, for oyster farmers, the Suspension 1000 is a state-of-the-art oyster growing system. Drawing from first-hand experience and a working knowledge of the deficiencies in existing systems, our mandate was to create a simple, effective tray system to be used throughout all growth phases in the off-bottom culture of oysters.

Dark Sea oyster farming system
Quality Construction: Injection molded UV protected virgin plastic.
Designed for maximum water flow and strength
Secure, simple and fast hanging system
Suspends the tray and stack from the middle for balance.
Trays nest together for extra security.
All metal fittings are of stainless steel.
Dark Sea oyster farming system
Trays are stacked on a center pole (Suspender) to any number high. Usually 10 or 15 trays per stack.
Suspender can be built by the farmer (Cost Saving) to any height.
The suspender is comprised of a 316 SS Base and a 304 SS top Eye which are both glue bonded at either end of a length of 1 1/4" DWV ABS pipe to form the suspender.
10 tray stack requires 45 lbs. buoyancy.
15 tray stack requires 70 lbs. buoyancy.
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 Our efforts have paid off.
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